Monday, March 31, 2008

Everything has a start

At the encouragement of some of my friends and even teachers, I've decided to blog. As a journalist, my teachers encourage blogging as a way to connect with readers and find your sense of style. Ok then, here we go.

This article
surprised me when I read it. China is flying the Olympic torch to a base at the foot of Mount Everest and keeping it in a special lamp until May. In May, two trained climbers are going to climb to the top of the mountain and back with the light. What amazes me is the feats some of these people are willing to do. If I were the one climbing Mount Everest, I would not want to have to worry about carrying to Olympic torch as well.

Today has been quite laid back for a Monday. However, the rest of USM has been buzzing because Orientation has been going on. Eeck! That means tons of high school seniors and parents around campus. I was asked by a couple of people where things were campus and it brought me back to the days when I knew nothing about Southern. How things change!

More later,


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