Monday, June 26, 2017

Year of the Yard, Part III

The Year of the Yard is still going strong! The spring rains have not been kind to a few of our trees, but it has also helped us reimagine, too. 


One of our vitex trees toppled (insert sad trombone). Luckily, they like being cut back and grow back quickly.


Canna lillies have started to appear.


Pine straw made its way to the backyard.



Paul gifted me this beautiful glass yard art from Pearl River Glass in Midtown. Note the sawed stumps in the back where the vitex fell. It is now growing several feet tall!


The Pearl River piece inspired me to add in more glass as yard art. This picture is during the progress. Bottles and other glass insulators have been added and removed since this!


My zinnia seeds have finally started to bloom this week!


This beauty showed up next to our driveway over the weekend. Now, what yard project to work on next?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Beach Week

Beach week was a little different this year - complete with a tropical storm! We made the best of it, naturally. Our trip started early with an overnight in Fairhope before hitting the beach.




The birds were loving the end of the pier.

My mom and aunts have raved about Shipp's Harbour Grill on the marina in Orange Beach, so we stopped their first to split a Grouper Ponchatrain.

We had a great set up this year!



Beach bubbles

Brody and Karis were living the good life.



Can't wait to be back again.


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