Sunday, February 19, 2017


My grandmother says I need to blog more. Writing all day, I'm not inspired as much as a I used to be! I will try to do better. The last several weeks have been especially full with a magazine deadline, lots of forums and important speakers at work, teaching a few night classes, hosting book club and more.

One thing that has taken us by surprise has been this very early spring we are experiencing.

That means yard flowers are in full effect. These camellias were especially beautiful.

Arum italics (top), also known as Italian lord-and-ladies has been a real treat to see pop up. I have never seen as much in the front yard as I have this year. Jonquils and Lenten Rose (bottom left) are always fun.

Of course, we've mixed in some fun along the way. I'm still thinking about our delicious meal at Brent's last Sunday with family. Their cherry limeade was wonderful.

Mom said she couldn't get the burger and fries out of her head.

Early spring also means yard work, which we always have plenty of to keep us busy. People alway ask us what house projects we are working on and I have dubbed this the year of the yard. We have done so much on the inside, the outside needs some loving too. The past two summers have brought severe droughts, which have done a number on our plants despite my frequent watering.

We have plowed our cast iron plants to help them grow back stronger, pulled out many dead azalea bushes and pruned back rose bushes. This weekend, it was this area's turn.

Below is the "after" shot. While I love all the plants, it is nice to have some breathing room.

This left quite the pile for the garbage men. I'm crossing my fingers they take it all on Monday. If not, we are going to have one unhappy lawn man next week.

We finished off the weekend with a visit with "the boys," AKA, our nephews. They had a great time playing basketball in the driveway. Afterwards, we took them to Whole Foods for dinner. They were very impressed with their options.


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