Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hoop, there it is!

I'm sure you guys have seen these before, or maybe you haven't, but I love when I drive by these pedestrian signs and someone has put the hula hoop sticker on them. I've always wondered about them and when I saw one today, I knew I had to investigate.

So, if you wanted to know, these stickers are sold by the band String Cheese Incident (a band I had heard of, but didn't know they sold them) and you can even buy them online. How and what sign the stickers end up on is up to the buyer. Though I haven't ever put one on a sign, I think they are pretty hilarious.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Yesterday, I got to do something pretty cool - go to "press check" at R. R. Donnelley's Senatobia branch. Though it was a three hour drive, once we got there it was pretty cool. (I couldn't take pictures inside the building, but these are press shots of various different RRD plants.)

This machine is the "binder" that puts the glue and cover on the magazine. This feeds to another machine the cuts off the uneven pages.

When the cover comes off the press, it looks somewhat like this. After they print each page, it has to be approved by the art director and ad art director to make sure that color isn't off (too bright, too dark) and there are not any huge changes that need to be made.

To do a page check, the pages are taken to a lighting booth right next to the press where they can see the colors under certain lights.

I learned a lot of about printing, which was really interesting. Though I'm sure I don't want to be on the printing side working a printer, it's really good to see how it all happens.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's embarrassing that I haven't posted in two weeks! I've been trying to get the iPhone diaries back up and running, but for some reason my posts don't make it up to the blog (even though they are on my phone). So, I am going to try and get that going for more blog posts. Bear (or is it bare... I never know) with me!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to... me?

So much for consistency. I apologize.

Since I last posted, lots has happen. I turned 21, start my internship at the magazine, and had lots of fun here and there.

For some reason, this is the only picture I have of my 21st birthday. Somehow, Sital had glow sticks (which no one ended up using except for the cupcake) and Amanda produced a red velvet cup cake from work at Beagle Bagel.

For lunch, I went to Bon Ami with my family. It (and company) were amazing per usual. Cary gave me this adorable scrubber that's shaped as a porcupine. Love it! For dinner, I went to Margaritas with my friends and had lots of fun. It was probably the longest I ever spent in a Mexican restaurant. We had lots of fun catching up on everyone's end of the school year and talking about our work schedules.

Truff also got the best thing in the world: A POOL. She loves it. We have figured out that she has some lineage as a water dog because of her webbed feet. I've never seen a dog love water more than this dog. This is her new favorite spot where she will literally plop down so she is laying shoulder deep in water.

I also started my internship this week. It's been the longest and busiest week. But, it's been full of meaningful work and I'm learning alot. This is my little cubby hole. It's not much (I've done a little decorating), but a have a great view from my window.

Isn't is pretty. It's very green and nice. The first day I actually saw some deer drinking from the water (hard to see). Thought I'm not sure, I believe the water from my window is part of the Pearl River or a creek that feeds into it. Our office is right next to the river, but it's hard to tell what it is.

Last night, Ashlee came into town from Columbus, she we all went out to dinner. After eating at Nagoya, we all met up with Erin so she could see Ashlee and we could all talk about her engagement (which is veryyy weird that my friends are at that point now). So, we met her at Mint and had drinks and dessert. I got a Mint Lemonade and it came in this cute Mason jar. I was pretty impressed.

Hopefully now I can blog on a more regular basis. Work doesn't allow for much photo taking, so I'll try to blog as much as possible!


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