Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am an admitted purse-aholic. I love them. My mom says it has to do with my need to control and organize and, well, I guess I agree.

But I digress.

I bought this purse on Target's website for 12.50! When I first saw this bag, I thought the purse gods had beamed down the perfect purse on earth to me. Then I looked at the price tag and said I would buy it later. Now, my friends, is later.

I'm sorry if you don't share my passion. It's ok and I accept that.

More later!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain When She Comes...

Since I was in high school, my mom, sisters, aunt, and cousin have always done girl trips during the summer and spring break. We've been to New Orleans, the Coast, Disneyworld, Atlanta, the Delta, and other fun places. On Thursday we will be headed on our next adventure to Memphis and Arkansas. Specifically, we are renting a cabin on Petit Jean Mountain, northwest of Hot Springs. I am very excited about this next adventure and all of the trouble... err... fun we will get into.

I'll admit it, I don't think I've seen a real mountain before. This summer has seen alot of firsts, ok? Granted, I've driven through the rolling hills to Nashville and the ones we will see this weekend won't be the large ones, but I am excited to see something new.

Also on the agenda is digging for diamonds. My mom is not excited, but the rest of us are ready to strike it rich.

We'll also visit the Bath house Row in Hot Springs and view some Andy Warhol in Memphis.

I can't wait!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We had an unbelievable time in Chicago. Our flights were great (on the way home, we got in 20 minutes early. Ha!), the food was amazing, and the weather was perfect. When we landed in Chicago, it was 68 degrees and gorgeous. The highs both days were low 80s and remained that way until we left. It was the best possible weather we could have had.

Our hotel, the Westin on the Mag Mile, was amazing as well.

This is the view from our hotel window. The black building on the left is the John Hancock building.

Since there is so much I could tell you about, let me just list some of the things we did.

Architechture boat tour (lake and river)

-Bloomingdales (across the street)
-Various Wicker Park stores
-Neiman Marcus
-Filene's Basement

-Bistro 110 (AMAZING!)
-Gibson's (equally amazing)
-Uno's Pizza
-Pontiac Cafe
-Chicago 'dogs (some hot dog place I have no idea what the name is)
-Tapas Bar

More Walking

It's a really great city with tons of people. I can understand why so many people love it so much. Here are some pictures from the trip.

A street performer that was acting like ductwork outside the Art Institute.

Underbelly of "the bean."

Deep dish at Uno's. Italian sausage, yum.

The quinessential Chicago dog in the hotel room.

This amazing table at Una Mae's Freak Boutique in Wicker Parker. The tables legs were made out of chairs.

Prime Rib sliders at Gibson's. Amazing.

The huge Trump Tower they are constructing next to the river.

Our boat for the boat tour. Notice Trump Tower behind to the right.

At the Tribune Tower, there are pieces of buildings from every state and places across the world. This is Mississippi's piece on the north side of the building.

Quiche Lorraine at Bistro 110. Perfect!

I hope to post more about Chicago later!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Housesitting Part 3 (The End)

Today was my last day of housesitting. On some fronts, I'll miss it. On some fronts, I am so glad I don't have a house to worry about all day. I'm sure some day in the future I will be glad to have responsibilities. Alas, that day has yet to come.

As part of my last day alone, I made french toast for breakfast. Honestly, I don't know what made me think to make it. I don't even know how to make it, really. I just dipped bread in egg and cooked it up on the skillet. Sprinkled on some powdered sugar, cinnamon, and a good squirt of syrup. Yum.This is one of my best friends, Ashlee. I love her to death but the fact that she goes to the Air Force Academy doesn't afford her much break time. She's home for a few days and today she suprised me and came over (though I have seen her since she has been back). Unfortunately, she fell down the stairs at my house and got carpet burned (At the expense of my screaming then chuckling). This is her demonstrating her feelings toward said injuries. Thanks, Ash.

Have a good one.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Housesitting Pt. 2... sort of

This week has been super busy. I have two weeks left until I am done with my internship and I am trying to cram it all in before I leave. It's been so much fun being there and cannot believe I was able to find something so perfect for me this summer.

One of the big things I worked on this week was a story about Frank Melton and his bodyguards' arraignment in federal court on Wednesday. I was lucky enough not only to get in to the courtroom (many people, including my editor, were not let in because there were so many people in the room) but to have a front row seat. It was really interesting to see how all of that unfolded.
For the article, click here.

The "Chicks We Love" issue also came out this week. This is another project that I spent a lot of time on- interviewing two people. Those "chicks" I interviewed can be seen here. I really enjoyed writing those pieces.

I have been housesitting for over a week now and the Woolvertons come back Sunday. Back to my old routine for two days and then I am off to Chicago! I am so excited to see a new and uncharted (in my eyes) city!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Housesitting Part 1

Are you getting this? This is what I have to come home to every night. Sadly, pitiful little Ellie Mae with that look that says "You left me all day!"

I've decided I probably wouldn't be the best pet caretaker in the world, but I am adjusting. Instead of getting up at 7, which I would have today in this case, I got up at dream shattering 6 in the morning. Yowzah!

Why? Because I have dogs to feed, sod to water, emails to read, and a newspaper to fetch. That's why.

Am I old yet?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Remember my almost practically godmother Candy that I am going to Chicago with in a few weeks? Well, I am housesitting for her family for ten days. Yes, I had planned to document every day: what I did, what I ate, the dogs, etc.

Well, I've been busy. I know, sorry. Hopefully in the days ahead I will have lots of wonderful pictures and stories to tell!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I think I have just figured out my problem. If I take pictures but don't load them on to my computer, I can't think of any stories to write about. I mean, my pictures are pretty much the basis of the blog, right?


Do you want to know what my mom found in my grandparent's RV yesterday? Well... it's interesting for sure.

My grandparents are getting ready to sell their RV, hence, they were cleaning it out yesterday.
My mom walks in with these shoes. Apparently, they are a pair of some of the first galashes (Is that how you spell that? Probably not.).
Yeah. I know, right?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow, I've been busy and I really haven't had much to report this week. Also, the interns at JFP are having to create posts in the "Intern Blog" so I have been having to think about what I want to post on their. I will let you know when I post there.

I am also planning a trip to Chicago with my mom and Candy (who is like my second mom) at the end of July. Here is what I have so far:
Architecture river/lake tour
Art Institute of Chicago
Museum of Contemporary Art

We are staying on the Magnificent Mile at the Westin, which I am really excited about.

All that to say...

Have you been to Chicago? Are there some museums, shops, restaurants we must check out? I have never been (neither has my mom, but Candy lived there in the 90s) so I would love some suggestions!


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