Thursday, September 23, 2010

I was looking through my photos on my phone and realized I hadn't posted about my pumpkin banana bread I made Sunday! It was great and I've been enjoying it for breakfast this week.

I was especially excited to get to use my kitchenware! Love everything about my KitchenAid handmixer. (Looks bright here, but it's the Martha Stewart edition blue)

Here's how it turned out. Not so much for looks but the taste was amazing!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Grand Tour

Talk about keeping no stone uncovered! I may have gotten carried away taking photos my house, but I wanted to give you guys the grand tour of the digs, now that most things are in it's place.

We'll start with my bedroom... which, to be honest, didn't come together (in my opinion) until yesterday. I finally got a chance to paint my dresser black, add some knobs, and hang the mirror. I also repurposed some big pillows on my bed. It made SUCH a difference!

[view from the hallway into my room]

Here's the dresser. It's really simple and functional. I thought about all different types of knobs, but after totaling the cost, this 10 pc set for $10 at Target just made sense. Good thing I picked them because they are perfect.

View from my room into the hall to the bathroom [right] and Maggie's room [ahead]. That rug is covering this scary beast of a floor heater. Since the house was renovated with central heat/air, the heater isn't even used anymore. It wasn't fun stepping over it everyday!


Dining area of dining room. I have to tell you, this photo makes me laugh because it makes the pumpkin look small to me. There is nothing small about it! You should have seen me bringing it in the house yesterday.

I don't care that it's only September, I'm celebrating FALL.

Living room [from dining room]. I think my favorite part of the living room is the rug. I got it for a STEAL at $43 at Lowes. Whoddathunk?

For a week we didn't have a coffee table and I'm so glad we have one now. We scored the table at IKEA and putting it together was a scene within itself.

TV area [yes, I'm watching Food Network]

This trunk was something I didn't even have in my house originally, but it's probably my second favorite piece. My dad used to use it for storage in his office and he loves it because it's A) something from HIS dad and B) an old Sears and Roebuck shipping crate from the early 1900s. It was used to ship a boat motor and my dad still has the motor too.

I think this is my friend Sital's favorite spot. She loves this chair and has been searching to find one just like it for her house now! I tell her it's just a brown chair, but she thinks otherwise, so I'll believe her.

I love how my house is full of memories. I've gotten a lot of my artwork and other items on trips, which makes it that much more fun to see everyday. This poster is from the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale where I went with my mom, sisters, aunt, and cousin a few years ago. (Like... five years ago? Is that possible?)

This is probably the most incomplete part of our house, simply because of the exercise bike. But, I ride that puppy everyday after work watching the news, so I'm not complaining.

The kitchen from the dining room.

The famous stove. I love thee. [Like the new header? I did some Photoshop work on a photo I took and I'm digging it right now]

Just to give you perspective of the size and our front load washer and dryer. [See my clothes going??] I love these so much because they are so energy efficient and QUIET. Sometimes I have to go check it to make sure it's going.

Peek of the backyard...

I've had some people at work ask me about not having a dishwasher. I tell them, "I wash them just like they did before dishwashers... duh!" I took cues from my Mamaw and Papaw and got a dishpan, which works really well. Maggie's family has never used their dishwasher so she's used to not having a dishwasher. I didn't have a dishwasher in my Hattiesburg house, so it's really not something that new.

How did I get this bird's eye view? (Because we know I'm not that tall... puh-lease) My new stool from TJ Maxx!

It's the coolest thing. You just fold/unfold it in one motion - just use the handle in the middle.

It's been so handy!

I hope you liked the house tour! Did you notice that there was only one or two times I had to use any lighting at all? I love all the windows in here. It makes it so nice and it's nice on the pocketbook too.

I've entertained a couple times (turkey and tofu lettuce wraps... mmm), but didn't get any pictures. I'll have to do better about that. Later!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello, hello! Back to the real world (tomorrow atleast).

After having breakfast at the hotel, we ventured out to IKEA for our final furniture pieces.

I also found the kitchen of my next house (yeah, right)... love it!

Can you say farm house sink?

That night we tried the Flying Biscuit in Midtown and it was GREAT. One of my top meals of all time.


Biscuit chicken pot pie that was out of this world.

Oh please, I can hardly even talk about this one. The chocolate cupcake that was anything but a cupcake but it didn't matter because it tasted so good. The "icing" was this cream cheese/sweetened condensed milk concoction from heaven.

With Piedmont Park a block away, we couldn't NOT go. The weather was awesome and there were doggies everywhere!

Now, I'm back to Jackson and I am going to enjoy the rest of the day off!

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello from Atlanta! Maggie and I took a road trip for the weekend for nothing more than some shopping. After getting settled at the hotel, we started making our rounds and headed to Lenox Square Mall. I may not be from ATL, but this mall feels like home to me. I thinks all the shopping trips we took when my aunt and uncle lived here and the many trips we have taken with friends.

Maggie said she had never been in a mall like this before and, honestly, it's probably the most impressive one I've been in too.

After shopping for a couple hours, we plopped down at California Pizza Kitchen.

We started off the the bruschetta which was tasty, mostly because they put it with GARLIC bread.

Then, we shared the Sicilian, which was pretty good. It was gah-reasy! Should have served this with wet-naps.

Today, we are off to IKEA (!!!). more later...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quiche the Cook

The cooking keeps on coming! Once again, I am in love with our gas oven. Tonight I used the oven part for the first time and after a little stumbling block of figuring if the oven was actually ON or not, I made quiche.

Afterward, I tackled the bargain bag of bananas I bought, chopped, and froze the other day to make banana soft serve. It is quickly one of my favorite things. I put it on overnight oats and eat it as a snack, but it's just banana!

[note that this is the mini-latte bowl ~1/2 a cup]

Maggie loved it too! It's so fun to share your recipes and teach other people about the food you love.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cooking with Gas!

The stove has been christened! I was so excited to get to finally use the stove AND I didn't burn anything either.

I went to the grocery store and come back with a pasta dish to try- a Mediterranean Chicken Pasta.

Sauce and chicken simmering down...

I was so good, even if it did come out of a box. I can already tell I am going to love cooking with gas.

My bedroom

View of the kitchen from the dining room

Living room, still missing a few key pieces...

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Phewwww! I am IN my new digs! I've been a suburban girl my whole life, so it's definitely going to take some getting used to. I'll have to do an in-depth post later, but until then, here's a sneak peek... my vintage gas oven that I love so much.

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