Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Phewwwwwww! Gosh, it's been a long week. I know it's been a long time since I've posted, so I'll catch you up on a few things that have gone on recently.

One day last week, Deidre and I were sitting in the living room after class. I looked out the window and saw a dog walking in the pouring rain down the street. It came in our yard and we thought it was trying to get to us. Deidre goes outside and the dog is trying to cross the creek in front of our house! When it rains, the creek gets pretty high and moves pretty fast, so we were really worried about it. Deidre gets IN the creek and gets the dog while I go grab towels. We looks at the collar and call Abbie's (the dog's) owner. An older woman came and picked her up, so happy to have her dog back.

Next weekend we went camping in Holmes County. The weather was perfect! (My uncle Tommy making breakfast in the morning. I guess he was pretty excited to get to work and got a little caught up....)

There was a beautiful lake down the hill from our cabin. When we went on this pier, it shook so bad!
We also went on walks on this cool trail along the lake.

This past week has been crazy and I have had bronchitis. Blegh! Next week is going to be an insane week with papers, tests, and an interview on Friday for a intern position in a PR firm.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Break

I've been off the past few days for Fall Break and I have to say, it's been pretty nice. The other day, my mom, MG, and I were in Target and I found the perfect Halloween costume.

On Friday, I went to the fair for lunch to enjoy a chicken-on-a-stick, SO GOOD!! I also got my favorite, the Pineapple Whip ice cream. It was incredibly hot that day, but we trekked down to the other end of the fair to get a biscuit. Except, it WASN'T OPEN! I guess they only serve the biscuits at night...

I'll leave you with this video of our cat, Junior. My mom changed the mantle for Halloween and Junior has been obsessed with the vase that she removed. Just watch...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Along campus and in other cities I've been too, I've seen cars where people have customized them with brand names. Off the top of my head, I can think of Welch's Grape Juice, M&M's, and Skittles. Don't ask me why people do this, because it's the biggest conundrum to me!

Today, I was driving to Lowe's and I found one of the best, no, the best brand decoration on a car yet.

You ready for it??

Ready now?



Beanie Weanies.

Nice, dude. Just sayin'.

Welcome to.... Caliente?

Ever since Moe's left Madison when I was in high school, I've always been in search of a restaurant that matched it. Part Tex-Mex, part build-your-own plates, Erin and I stumbled on the best thing since... well, Moe's. It's a restaurant right next to campus called Caliente Grill. Holy-moley. So good! It tastes just like Moe's (or better. You can't beat the student discount either!)

We decided to sit out on the patio because the weather the past couple of days has been amazing. It was even a little chilly!

Last night, Kaycie and I went to the opening reception of a conference the English department is putting on about fairy tales. I've driven past this theatre downtown tons of times, but I had never been in it before. The place was so cool! It used to be the old movie theatre and we restored in 2000 to the way it was when it first opened in 1929 (a weird year to be opening a theatre, eh?). When we walked into the theatre part of the building, they had a silent film showing and all kinds of lights, etc. Kaycie and I thought it was actually a little bit creepy!

I'm definitely taking advantage of my house and decorating for fall, too! I found some great vases at Hudson's for $2.50 each and fun pumpkins. I can't believe it's already October!


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