Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 100th Post!

I must tell you, when I searched Google Image Search as "100th post," I got some disturbing and weird pictures. Such as, a pile of wood, kids smiling with cupcakes in the center of the table fashioned to shape 100 (I really wanted that one but it wouldn't load on here), and a dog (how did that end up in the results?). Mostly, I just wanted to say, Happy 100th Post. It's been a fun 100 entries. I also hope you've had a great Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. I hope to keep you just as entertained in 2009 with pictures of my pug, my pug, my life, and more of my pug.

P.S. I'm having issues loading pictures from my iPhone to the blog. The people from the app say they will have an update to fix this ASAP, but it has been a week now, so I hope it will come soon.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

iPhone Diaries No. 9

This is my mom's friend Amy's cat, Spanky. He is by far the largest cat I have ever seen. This picture doesn't even do him justice.
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iPhone Diaries No. 8

There is this neighborhood in town that always seems to go all out for Christmas. Well... a few of the houses atleast. This one is by far the most outrageous one. Another down the street has lights that are synched with music that is broadcasted over their own radio frequency. Pretty cool, right?
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

iPhone Diaries No. 7

My mom was looking for a recipe this morning and this one just stuck out. Maybe next time my mom won't abbreviate...
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iPhone Diaries No. 6

Ivy got Spike a new outfit for Spike for Christmas- a Christmas hoodie! We've had a good laugh about it because he has the big pocket on his back. Not only that, but it just so happens to be rhinestone encrusted. However, Spike seems to like it just the same.
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iPhone Diaries No. 5

I am sorry... but there is just something wrong about taking "Sex and the City" and making it into a kids puzzle. My mom and I saw this at Dollar Tree (maybe that's how that got there??) and gawked. Kids these days...
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Monday, December 15, 2008

iPhone Diaries No. 4

For Spike, life is good.
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iPhone Diaries No. 3

Mary Grace likes to be silly at the Drip. On Saturday when we were working together she put the stickers that are SUPPOSED to go on lids on her teeth and greeted a customer. He was a little shocked. What am I going to do with this girl?
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

iPhone Diaries No. 2

Today, MG and I decided to do a little Christmas shopping... not that great of an idea. I told MG to show me "how she felt about the traffic." This is the reaction I got.

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iPhone Diaries, No. 1

As I have gotten home for break, I've realized that it's really hard to post because I an not on my computer nearly as much as at school. So... I've decided to start something on the blog called the "iPhone Diaries."

I take pictures on my iPhone and I will post them. I may do regular blogs here and there, but this is going to be new and different. We'll see!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade / Spike Show

I've decided we might as well just name this post the Spike Show. I just downloaded about 55 pictures off of my camera and I think 47 had Spike somewhere in the picture... geez.

Anyways. This past weekend our family went to the the Madison Christmas Parade, which was a lot of fun. (Ok, this is going to sound long) My mom's friend's aunt's house is one house away from the parade route, so we went to her house and camped out in the front lawn for the parade.

Spike "decided" to come. He really was the best pet ever at the parade.

See! He and Ivy were on the opposite of the street and I snuck this picture of them while he wasn't looking (like he would have cared if he had seen me).

The Madison Central band...

I think these girls were called the Pink Flamingoes...
And, of course, SANTA! Woo hoo! Yay Santa!

This week is my finals week. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, you know why.


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