Saturday, February 28, 2009

Off the Leash for Epilepsy

My family is really big into the show called Flight of the Conchords. It's hilarious.

Over Mardi Gras break, my family and I watched on episode about a girl who has lost her dog. Bret and Jemaine find the girl in the park. While the show ensues, they find out the dog has epilepsy. Because they are both trying to impress her, they put on a benefit for epileptic dogs.

CUT TO: Yesterday, my mom calls me dying out laughing. She was looking through VIP Magazine and she found this:

Apparently, one of Jackson's Aux. Clubs had a wonderful get-together to raise awareness of epilepsy (with their dogs). It was really funny because it made it seem as if it was... epileptic dogs.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Epilepsy is a horrible disease. I am in no way making fun of epilepsy.)

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a cronic lister. You might have/have not known that about me.

Usually, this sticks to the random memo pads and spiral bound notebooks on my desk, but I've found a new addiction: TargetLists.


I'm going to peg it on my friend Claire and her bridal registry (though it's really a lame excuse). She's getting married in a couple of months, so I was looking on her registry just to get an idea of a gift (though I've already come up with a BETTER, awesome gift). As I was scrolling, I had a moment of genius. I could have a list too.

Probably a bad idea, because I have become obsessed. Let's be honest, it's hard not to love Target.

I created a list for all of the "wants" for our little home next year. (WANT, not need, being the operative word)

I already had a rough list of things I wanted, keeping in mind my budget/savings from my job. However, it's so much more fun when the items come with prices, pictures, and, not to mention, REVIEWS. I have been pouring over reviews on down comforters (too crunchy and noisy, too hot), espresso machines (does a good cappuccino, pleasantly surprised), and lamps (really good deal).

Wanna see my list (it changes daily, HOURLY [ha])? Click here. Click "Find a List," then enter my name. The list is titled "House."

Enjoy my neurosis while it's hot!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's been a busy holiday weekend, but I can tell you this:
I got offered an internship with Mississippi Magazine this summer!

I am very excited about it. See this issue (Best of Mississippi)? That is one of the big issues that the interns get to work on during their time there. I am really excited about the opportunity.

More about my holiday weekend later!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's to you!

I hope you all are having a good Valentine's Day.

While you guys are out eating chocolate and all that fun stuff, I'm in bed.

Not to worry, it's the annual bronchitis (I seriously get it every year around the same time.). So, I'll be in bed studying for my ridiculous amount of tests next week so I can go home for Mardi Gras break! Woo hoo!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paper Dolls

Do you remember making paper dolls as a kid? I do. I remember when I would go over to Mamaw's house and we would make them. It was always so fun to see how they turned out once you unfolded it.

When I was teaching art class on Monday, I taught a couple of girls in my class how to make them. One of the girls said, "I didn't have a grandma to teach me that so you'll have to do."

It was so fun to go back and do it again. I had to remember to explain that you have to make sure you cut the arms on the right side of the paper or it won't turn out right! Once she unfolded them, she decorated them and had so much fun. Do you wish you were in the second grade and making paper dolls for the first time?

I do.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day with the Dogs

Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Petsmart, being a part of the Southern Pines Adoption Team. Seriously, we had some of the cutest and sweetest dogs on display. It was really fun and exciting when they would get adopted, but really sad when at 5 o'clock, there were still some left. We started out the day with 8 and by the end of the day we only had four.

It's funny how I had in my mind the ones that would get adopted, but actually the "different" ones went first. Here are the ones we had:

This dog was actually the first to get adopted (within the first 30 minutes of being there). A mom brought her young daughter and this was the one she wanted.

This is River. People were FIGHTING over this dog. We had three different families that wanted her. One kid wanted her, but was with a friend (She came back later with her mom to get her, but she was gone). One older woman agonized, left, came back with her husband and she was gone. A young couple with their daughter got her.

Oh, Betsy. She is a beagle, which also makes her a barker. She barked at other dogs and the dogs in the other pens. I got in the pen with her and she immediately felt secure and fell asleep in my lap. After being in my lap for a good hour, she'd crank back up again and bark. She wasn't adopted out.

This is Trina. The was one of the my two FAVORITE ones of the day. She was so sweet and when anyone came up to her she would sit down and hold out her paw. This picture doesn't do her justice, but her eyes were piercing blue. They were almost white by the pupil and then lighter blue as they went out. A dad and his kids wanted her so bad, but he called his wife (BIG mistake) and she said no. She wasn't adopted out.

This is Bowser. He's a German Shepard Collie mix. Also, terribly sweet. Everyone kept saying that he looked like a wolf, coyote, and various other things he definitely wasn't! He was still there at the end of the day.

Koda was my friend Kaycie's favorite. It's a baby lab mix who was the sweetest thing. Unfortunately, no one adopted him.

This is Timmy. He got adopted by a mom and dad for their 9 year old. The mom wanted it REALLY bad, but was having a hard time convincing her daughter on the phone. After about 30-45 minutes of wavering, they got him.

We also had my absolute favorite dog, Loretta (she doesn't have a picture on, so this is one from my iPhone).

This dog has been at Southern Pines since August when she came as a puppy. There were 14 of them and she had NO hair. She is the last of the puppies to be adopted. A man had been abusing them, allowing for them to be hit by cars, etc. (She had not been hit). She was so shy, but was so beautiful.

Mommy, can I have a dog?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mold-y, Mold-y

Aren't these lunch bags insane? I found this company that makes lunch bags that have fake mold on them to fake out co-workers, roommates, whoever from trying to think about stealing your lunch. How clever?

See more info here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Weekend

This weekend I went home my Mamaw and cousin's birthday! On Saturday night we had a big family dinner and today we had lunch. It was lots of fun.

As part of my Mamaw's birthday gift, my cousin, Ashley, and I created a blog for her to use! Please check it out here.

When I got home on Friday, I got to see the puppy who is just as big as can be. Just look at this face:

Look at those big paws!

Look at that face! She's going to be a little devil.

Have a good start to the week!


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