Sunday, July 17, 2016


I am my mother's child, so I'm always up for an adventure. Growing up, my mom always made sure we had fun trips, even if it meant checking out a new restaurant that had just opened. We'd set out and call it an "adventure." These were especially big in the summer when she had to figure out what to do with three girls for days on end. I remember one summer we had an adventure to check out the new Bass Pro Shop because that seemed so foreign and so far away from our tastes. Of course, we gawked at all the camo and tanks full of fish. Then, we ate lunch in the attached restaurant because, why not?

Now as an adult, I really appreciate adventures. It all started with us reminiscing and telling stories one night this week. Paul always remembers his time at community college at Copiah-Lincoln CC (Co-Lin) fondly. I told him we needed to go down there and see if anything was as he remembered.

Mapping it out, I realized a few other points we had wanted to see were close together, so I proposed a Saturday road trip. Paul, always up for an adventure himself, was up for it.

First, breakfast with our friends and their sweet babies. As I like to see it, Sneaky Beans crew, class of 2033.

First up, Co-Lin! When Paul was in school, this was a street where cars could park on each side. This center area looked pretty new and all the buildings looked to be in great shape. Paul was very impressed!

I always hear a lot about Paul's old radio days here. Unfortunately, they don't have a radio station anymore, but the building is this there. The campus as a whole has grown a lot and was much more impressive than what I had in my mind.

Ten miles from Wesson is the neat town of Brookhaven. I had really only been here one time before, a few weeks ago when we were coming back from an adventure to Middendorf's but it was night time and hard to see.

I wanted to come here to check out a new restaurant called Betty's Eat Shop that had been designed by our friends at Land Versus Ocean. The design was stunning.

It wouldn't be a trip if I also didn't document the cute tiny house/hair salon downtown.

We headed further south to Red Bluff, a short distance from Columbia. Known as Mississippi's Grand Canyon, it gets larger with every rainstorm and has already forced them to move the highway several times.

It is hard to tell, but you can see the old highway crumbling. My fear of heights really kicked in trying to look over the edge!

Our last stop, Hattiesburg. We stopped at one of my favorite shops for treasures, Hudson's, and drove through downtown. There were tons of people out, walking around playing Pokemon Go. There are tons of stops there!

After an amazing dinner at Crescent City Grill, it was time to head home.

Here's to more adventures!


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