Friday, May 18, 2012

Wrap Up

I feel like I'm always having to do a big wrap up because I just don't have time to blog! I really hate that.

I've had a lot going on lately...
 Like talking with developers about the Capri, an old movie theatre that is being renovated and turned into a dine-in movie theatre. This above is the green space lot behind the Capri that will be turned into (hopefully) underground parking with green space. [Read more about it here]
 Ate amazing food and filmed a video [see it here] about barbecue at Lumpkins. Sadly, they've decided to close the restaurant and just cater.
 Enjoyed music on the patio during Fondren After 5
 Enjoyed Babalooza at Babalu for Cinco de Mayo. The boyfriend's band played early in the day and we stayed all day to cover the event and hear one of our favorite bands, Mingo Fishtrap (above).
 I love our mayor because he always cracks up when I start taking pictures of him. We had National Tourism Week and he was there to support us.
 During that week, I spoke to about 200 people at the Ag Museum about social media and how to promote your business to directors of farmers markets from about the state for the Dept. of Agriculture. They really said they learned a lot and I was happy to hear it.
 For Mother's Day Weekend, of course, we went camping! I missed the boyfriend, but it was good to hang out with a lot of the family.

I've been been able to catch breakfast at Brent's this week. It never let's me down!

Here's to a great weekend!


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