Monday, April 27, 2009

I just had a big revelation. So big and awesome that I kind of feel weird inside.


I learned....

I might actually...

Like oatmeal.

Ok, so that doesn't have the big finish you are looking for, but it's a big deal to me. I've been trying to like oatmeal for three years now, I think I've actually found a way I like it. This morning, I went to the commons and grabbed a packet of instate maple sugar oatmeal. I closed one eye, ripped open the package, put some milk in the bowl and microwaved it for a minute. Taking advice from Kath Eats, I put raisins and some oat bran on top. I like my oatmeal thick, just how I like grits, but it was wayyy thick, so I added a little extra milk on top.

I sat down, took a bite and was very surprised. I thought I would hate, spit it out, throw up. None of that happened. I actually like them and I was FULL until lunch.

So much for not liking oatmeal...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I promise that one of these days I'll have a post with real pictures.

I just wanted to let you guys know about a new widget on the blog. First, a confession: I've been cheating on Blogger with Twitter. I know, I know. So, in order to have as much synergy as possibly, I've put the RSS feed of my Twitter on the sidebar (see third widget down). I update Twitter multiple times a day, so- this way you can see my mini-blog, which is updated more frequently, and my regular blog all at once!

(I believe my religion professor might call this the micro/macrocosm correspondency)

More later!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hello! Not much new today. Last night, I went to the Mass. Comm. and Journalism Spring Banquet. I had applied for scholarships, so I went for a good meal and see if I won one of the awards. Of course, the program took over two hours and the scholarships were awarded at the end, BUT it was worth it because I was awarded one of the Ralph Pruitt Endowments!

I was pretty nervous, because the economy has really had an effect on scholarships this year. Usually, the MCJ department offers around 17 scholarships each year, but because they had negative return this because of the economy, they only offered five this year. It was really competitive but I was really surprised when they called my name. I was really excited and glad that I went. Huzzah!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

House Hunting OVER!

Yesterday, Erin, Deidre, and I signed the agreement on our house next year. We're all pretty excited and celebrated with Newk's and buying aprons and kitchen towels (and giggling wayy too much).

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is not our house in the picture. However, our house is "beach-y." There is a stream that runs in front of our house and you have to walk over a bridge to get from the driveway to the deck in front of the house. Plus, we're very close to the zoo and the landlady said that you can hear all the birds at night. Love it!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't know if you guys have ever heard of Brian Reagan, but he's one of my favorite comedians. He's hilarious. I was watching a few clips this evening and came across this video. This is probably more for the journalism major in side of me, but I thought you might enjoy.

Brian Regan - Reading the News
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Woahhhh Nelly. I just uploaded over 100 pics from my camera. I guess that's a subtle hint that I need to be uploading photos and updating my blog, huh? Because I've got all these pictures and I don't want them to go to waste, I'll catch you up on a couple things that have gone on this past week or so.

I've really gotten into the habit of taking photos of everything I eat Kath Eats style (birds eye view of the entire meal). I've really thought about taking pictures of everything I eat like this and possibly posting it as a way to keep myself accountable of how I eat. But, I'm a busy college student and right now that just doesn't fit into my schedule. This summer, however, I think I might try to do it more often.

This was a salad we made over at Candy's house one day during Easter break. Mixed greens, strawberries, feta, walnuts, la choy noodles, strawberry vinagrette.

I just wanted you to see how huge Truffles is getting. As we've noticed, she thinks she a teacup Chihuahua who can just sit in your lap. But, when she's really tired, she just likes to plop down on the floor and fling out.Ahh Easter. You can't have Easter without deviled eggs (with lots of paprika, please).

I made the Pineapple Upside Down Cake (top left) and Boston Cream Pie (top right). Delish!

(My sister, Ivy, thinks she's really cool. Shhhh...)

David said he didn't mind being on the blog. Hey David!

Thennn, this weekend, I came home for my friend Claire's Bachelorette Party. Claire and I have been friends ever since we started going to school. Some of the other girls at the party were asking how we met and they thought our story was pretty funny. USM has a website called Roommate Connection where you fill out a survey and find people who have same kind of living patterns to help you find other people who are in need of roommates. So, I emailed Claire asking if she needed a roommate. She already had found a roommate, but neither of us knew anyone at Southern (she's from Kentucky), so after moving in, I called her up and we've been friends ever since!

After going to Julep, we had white and milk chocolate dipped strawberries and dipped oreos among other things.

The rest of the weekend, I was busy working at the Drip and seeing my friend Ashlee (you know, the Air Force Academy one?). She's had a bit of a rough time lately, so just be thinking about her.

Alright, I've got a paper to edit and some HGTV to get to. Later!

P.S. Thank you guys for doing the survey. It really helps!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey guys, I have a little favor to ask of you! Since I know you've got time (You are wasting time on my blog so what's a few more minutes?), please take this survey for my Grammar class, will ya? I would be most grateful!

Click Here to take survey!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Because I like to be the first to know it and the first to tell it, I've got a little video for you. Plus, my Mamaw told me to watch it, so I'll share. As part of the Veteran's History Project, WLBT interviewed my Papaw about his story during WWII and it appeared on the news report Monday

Without further interuption, here it is:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sorry it's been such a long time since my last post! Right now, I'm at home (semi)relaxing for Easter weekend. I've got a lot that really needs to be done with papers and reading, but I'm trying to take it slow and enjoy the break. Yesterday, I unloaded my camera and I had forgotten how backed up I've been with pictures.

A few weeks ago, my friend Erin (see the girl with a bag on her head from past post) had her 21st birthday. To celebrate, we went to Sakura and she and Deidre enjoyed happy hour (and I just took pictures). Erin thought she would be very cool and rebellious to use her birthday candle as a smoking prop.

Around that same time, Kaycie and I went to HUBfest downtown. Quite honestly, it was one overwhelming experience. There were tons of music stages, food and craft vendors crammed on these once seemingly big streets. Add 10,000+ people that day and it's pretty crazy. However, the band that was playing on this stage, Blue Mountain, was really good. One of their songs "Skinny Dipping" (ha!) I had stuck in my head for a long time.

I have more to post, but I'll try to do that tomorrow!

Sidenote: I had two articles come out this week in the JFP. You can check them out here and here.

Friday, April 3, 2009


At the request of Kaycie, I need to update (I can't blame her, I've been pretty lazy about it lately).

Greetings from the Woolverton house! I'm here this weekend watching Chris and Lucy while their parents are in Chicago. We've been having fun so far. Tomorrow, Lucy and I will be shopping and Chris'll be on the green playing golf all day. More later!


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