Sunday, April 12, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Has it been raining a lot where you are? I feel like it has been constant rain the past couple weeks and we're about to get slammed with another week of rain. April showers bring May flowers, right?

Another thing about April - it's packed with things to do. I've taught my first social media course for the season at the college where I work for their community enrichment series (a three hour night course), we've had tons of community events and we're slowly but surely working on some house projects.

One of our favorite events of the month - First Thursday in the neighborhood.

Every week this room develops further and further. Last week we mounted a floating shelf out of a cool plank I found in our garage shop from years past. We'll have a blog about that project soon!

We've also rearranged our dining room a bit to accommodate our new retro dining set that I bought off eBay. Those chairs are some of my favorite pieces in this house.

We have a new Thai place in the neighborhood about a mile from our house called Surin. I can't quit the Super Crunch Roll (top). 

It's also officially sandal season. I ordered these sandals online from Target and they're so comfortable.

The backyard is in full bloom. Look at the azalea bushes next to the garage!

Our friend Julia (above) is one of the meteorologists for the local NBC affiliate and last night we got to go watch them as the 6 o'clock news ran from the weather center. Paul loves seeing the behind-the-scenes of productions, so he was in heaven learning about all the different aspects of filming and making a news package. Where we were sitting was probably five feet off camera and it's a little nerve wracking to think that one wrong camera move and you could be on air!

Last night was another concert series in the streets of Fondren. So much fun to see all our friends and neighbors out enjoying a cool spring evening. Our friends Craig and Lori have started a popsicle cart that they take around to events and pop-up in the neighborhood during the week next to the Capri. Their avocado pop is probably my favorite at this point.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the weekend!


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