Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Fever

Time flies when you're having fun, right? It's been a packed couple of weeks. I'll be happy to have a few days off for Easter next week to pack, because we close on our house and move in two weeks!

New favorite thing: Pineapple and mango salsa from Whole Foods. I can't get enough. I've had it on chips, fish tacos, you name it.
 Last weekend we had our annual girl trip with my mom, sister, aunt, cousin, and, for the first time, Brody! We spent a few days in Bay St. Louis and had a great time. Here was the few of the canal from our back deck.
 We explored downtown Bay St. Louis while we were there and stopped in the old depot which has been turned into the visitor center. They had Mardi Gras costumes displayed and, yes, that is a hamburger and hot dog suit.
 After walking around, we made our way to lunch near the beach. Mom got a pretty impressive Bloody Mary.
 That afternoon Brody got to take his first steps on the beach. 
 We realized we were really close to the Lazy Magnolia Brewery, so we decided to take a brewery tour that afternoon. It was very fun to see where all the beer is made. Surprisingly, the operation itself is not in a large area like you'd think!
 After I got home from the beach, we finally got a sold sign on at our house! This weekend they replaced the roof and had another crew doing other work to the house. I'm so ready to move in!
 We've had a good laugh lately among our friends that Rachel, who is Jewish from Connecticut and doesn't have children, got tapped to plan the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Not knowing anything about egg hunts, Southern finger foods, or much about children in general, it's been hilarious to see her reactions to everything. Here she is with her first Easter egg ever this past Saturday.
For lunch yesterday we headed over for Broadmeadow Neighborhood Association (the top part of Fondren, just across the street from us) for crawfish. These bugs are HUGE this year! One wanted to tell you guys, "Hello!" 
Have a great week!


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