Monday, June 11, 2012


So last time I left you here on the roof, so I guess I should explain how our engagement went down. I'll go ahead and tell you that Paul tells this so much funnier in person than I do, but it may also be because he's the one that had to put it all together.

Friday afternoon, Paul asked me to go to Cups at 2:30 for coffee. I'll be honest, I was suspicious. Actually, I was freaking out because I was scared he was going to do it at Cups (where we first met) and I did NOT want people I didn't know looking at me if it were to happen.

So, we met at Cups. We had coffee. I acted weird the whole time (mostly because I felt like I was going to throw up and I did once I got back to the office). I went back to the office and tried to calm down.

Paul texted me that afternoon and asked what we were doing Sunday afternoon. I said "Nothing, why?" He told me not to worry and not ask questions. I will say that threw me off the track (thanks to Sital's suggestion to Paul).

I came home from work and Paul asked if I'd like to go to Babalu for dinner, which not out of the ordinary. We also had a card for a free Baba Burger, so I was completely OK with that. He said he had to take a shower before we went, so I played on my iPad while he took a shower. [This was completely a stalling tactic because he had set it up with Babalu to be there are 6:30]

We walked over to Babalu, where they took us to our table, which happened to be the table where we had our first date. The girl seating us told us that she had to run some people off from that table, all with the other hostess and Paul shaking their heads, so she wouldn't ruin it [Paul had set it up in advance to sit at that exact table]. We had an awesome dinner and got chocolate truffles to-go for when we went on the roof of Fondren Corner later.

Walking back, we usually cut through the grocery store parking lot across the street, but Paul made me walk on the sidewalk next to Duling Hall. With a group of people taking photos on the patio near the Auditorium, I walked down the steps and into the road quickly. I looked back and Paul was standing at the top of the steps and told me I had to come back and kiss him where I made him kiss me for the first time. I did quickly because I didn't want the people on the patio to see!

We walked back to Paul's apartment and grabbed drinks to take on the roof. Walking the hall to the roof, we noticed someone had propped the roof door open (which normally stays locked), so Paul knew people were out there. Luckily it was just a few of our friends, including the guy who owned the coffee shop next door and the shop manager. After visiting with them for a while, it was getting dark and you could begin to see the lights of the city (from the roof you can see from the north city limits all the way to the downtown skyline). Paul suggested we got look out where he could point out the hotel marking the north border of the city.

As we stood there, he began to point out all the places we had been that day: Cups where we first met. Babalu where we had our first date. The steps of the Auditorium where we had our first kiss. "And," he said. "The roof, where I propose to you."

He got down on one knee and from there, it's fuzzy. I just started hysterically laughing because I couldn't believe after all the time I tried to figure it out, he pulled it off without me even realizing. It wasn't until he started connecting the dots that I figured it out and it was precious.

And, for two people that take photos for a living, we have NO photos of us right after the engagement! You'll just have to take our word for it. So, mark your calendars... we now have a wedding to plan!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Catch Up

I always feel like I'm playing catch up, but here's what's been going on lately...
Visiting local farmers market of Doris Berry's, who's about to open up a second location in Fondren in the old Mimi's location.
Enjoyed Chilton County peaches
Crawfish with Sital when she was in town for Memorial Day
And ended up last night on the roof of Fondren Corner (where Paul lives)...

and where we got engaged.
Yep. Still pinching myself.
Story to come later!


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