Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Half Day Tourist

With the tail end of my conference wrapping up right before lunch time, I got to play tourist for half of the day.

The Chinese Theatre, of course. It was less dramatic in real life, though it was cool to spot my favorite stars along the Walk of Fame.

We couldn't go to LA without getting close to the Hollywood sign. No dancing a la La La Land once we arrived at Griffith Observatory. Thankfully, the fog has gotten a little better this week.




Back downtown, we decided to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art, nestled right next to our hotel. Thanks to a pass I have for museums around the country, we received free admission.



Andy Warhol greeted us as we walked into the gallery.

I was mesmerized by an exhibit by Kerry James Marshall. Here is a wonderful NYT article about his work:



Tomorrow: Portland!

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