Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Year of the Yard

Whooo, this week has been a doozy!

I have dubbed this the "year of the yard" in regards to our house. After a few years of focusing on the interior, so far, 2017 has been full of pruning or curating. We have cut down bushes, pulled huge vines and made our yard sing. 

Now, it's time to add new growth back in. I ordered ten 'pretoria' variety canna lilies, which I am really excited to see pop up. I planted the bulbs last Sunday, but it will be early summer before we see them peek through.

I also bought a quarter pound bag of zinnias. Zinnias always remind me of my grandparents' house on Riverwood. 

I'm hoping I can plant those seeds today. We have had so much rain in the past few days!


Here is another new bloom in the backyard!


See this pottery vase? This is the newest in my collection, thanks to Fondren Flea, our neighborhood wide garage sale event for residents, churches and businesses. I helped get the word out about the event, though sadly it rained early that morning. Luckily, the big church rummage sales were inside.


I couldn't help but share this sign I spotted last night. Will someone find one of these for me?


  1. I love your interest in the flowers, By the way, your article in the new FIND IT IN FONDREN was so nice. Winnie was one of a kind, and Truman's favorite (girl) cousin. MaMaw

  2. Oh please find one of those signs for me. I remember Pam's daughter writing something on the church bulletin. It was in the staff listing. They listed the pastors, secretary, treasurer, etc. Carly added in, Pam - everything else.



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