Monday, July 14, 2014


Weekends are really precious time to me and there's one thing I really don't like doing any more - clothes shopping in stores. This is probably mixed with the fact that I want to save every dime to work on our house. That's where ThredUp came in.

I first saw it on another blog I read and my life was changed. Go with me here - think consignment store right to your door, but not the kind that takes ratty old clothing. 

If you only want to buy clothes, you can go on their site and purchase away! They've got great brands and lots to choose from.

You can also order a clean out bag for free. Put stuff in it you don't want anymore and see if they take it! They give you guidelines for what they want and don't want and also an estimator to see what they might give you for an item. At the end, whatever they don't take, they donate to charity.
 I got rid of things that I hadn't really worn and probably wouldn't wear again, some shoes and a handbag. Soon I should see what my payout will be.
 Before I my bag got here, I ordered a few things - two shirts and a pair of shoes - for only $18! Pretty excited about the fact that if for some reason I didn't like something, I didn't spend that much on it.
 Here's the shirt and the pair of shoes. I've already worn the top to work and love it! I've also already started to break in the leather flats. I still can't believe I got them for less than $10.
If anyone goes online and wants to purchase from ThredUp, I've got a 40% off purchase code for a friend!

[ThredUp has no idea who I am and didn't pay me to write this, I really just think they're cool!]

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